Day 19 DAY TWO at the MARA RIVER

We go back to the riverbank and see the zebra stallion did not make it.  When we arrive, hyenas, secondary predators. are there. 


Shortly, Rupple’s Griffin Vultures move in and actually chase the hyenas off the carcass.  


One gives us the Darth Vade stance.


They are a moving clean-up machine.  Although not pretty, these birds are extremely important the well-being of the African wild.


The Maribou storks squabble as they join in.


Back to the river, today we see the massive herds cross.  Wildebeest mass,


Then swim across.


It’s not pretty on the other side as they desperately climb over each other trying to find a way up the bank.



Zebras mass and cross.


We see the hippos are still in the water.


In the panic to get to the other side, not all animals make it out of the water. 


And the vultures wait.


At the top of the cliff a mother zebra calls out for her baby.


Finally the little one makes it to the top.


Driving by the zebra carcass at mid-day only bones remain.  The circle of life can be quick.


Back to the lodge, we pass our Twiga “gatekeeper.”  The big giraffe is usually on the hill when we leave or return. 


He is a great example of the hard callouses males develop on their heads for fighting. 


After lunch, we start down to the river and meet the three twiga brothers! He's brought his friends.


Back to river, more huge crossings.


As we move off, we find beautiful male waterbuck in the marsh.


And a twiga family amble by as the sun lowers.


As we head back to camp—a real find.  Hyena mother and tiny babies.

This is a rare sighting!   And we have one more day here!


We end the day with another lovely sunset...





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