We leave Tanzania today to contnue our safari in Kenya.  We have a beautiful drive through wetlands as we leave Tarangire.  Male and female Saddlebill storks search for food a marsh. (The male has the yellow on his beak.)



We spook a herd of reed impala as we left.


On our exit from the park we stopped to watch a fish eagle devour his fresh catch from the stream below.


While a young elephant is busy harassing a flock of Maribou stork resting near the water.  Young adolescents!


Baobabs line a dusty ride out of Tarangire. 


We drive through busy, colorful Arusha.

Then load a small bus—with AC—to go to the Kenya border crossing. Along the way we get a great view of Killy, complete with a halo of clouds.


What a jumble at the border—cars, trucks, tourists, natives, all vying for a place in line.  And women jam all our windows, trying to sell cheap native crafts.  No real queue line...our large group takes a bit of time to make it through even though we already have our visas.


We arrive at our Nairobi hotel in the evening and scrambled for a quick dinner.  The Mayfair is lovely but we have no time to enjoy it.  We are continuing on the Kenya-half of our safari as a back-to-back trip with Tanzania.  Our group will meet a few new people for an early morning breakfast start, beore beginning our Kenya adventure into the Maasai Mara.  Luckily, we'll slow the pace in Kenya.






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