We've been away from home for six days.  This is our third day in Africa and we finally START OUR SAFARI!

At daybreak—everything seems to happen at dawn and dusk on safaris because animals are most active when its cool--we leave the lodge for Lake Manyara National Park.   The iconic baobab trees dot the hills as we descend to the unique habitats at the alkaline lake.  This one is estimated to be 1000 years old.

At the lake er are not disappointed- there are animals galore!  Large nesting yellow-billed storks fill the trees as we enter the park.


We find a gray-headed kingfisher sitting among the large thorns of an acacia tree.


At the lake a hippo is joined by white necked cormorants and


Storks lift-off over pelicans.


We find an African Lapwing (Crowned Plover) in the field.


Baboons cover the trees.  The intense red color denotes this female is in oesterus.

A few minutes later she mates with the pack lead.




Here a mother carries her baby.


While a huge male relaxes.


As we leave at dusk we come upon a beautiful Hydatid Ibis


And a dik dik, one of the smallest antelope


In the brush we see a Sykes Blue Monkey--it reallty does have a blue sheen to its coat.


As we leave the park, we have a final treat.  Two juvenile elephants sparring, literally kicking up a dust storm.


Quite a first day on safari!


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