The  vineyard Gästehaus is perfect with large comfy rooms and a complimentary European buffet.  After a leisurely breakfast outside on the terrace overlooking the Mosel, we take a walk toward town.  Along the river, bicycles are everywhere.  This would be a great place to come just to ride. We have seen bike paths all along our trip.  As an added advantage, some people are riding electric bikes that offer a small assist if your path includes some of the steep inclines around is Germany, after all.  



It's going to be another 90 degree day, so back to our B+B, walking past the vinyards.  We"re off to Bernkastle by car to check out the town and the ancient castle icon on the hill.


The town is beautiful...again flowers everywhere with buildings dating back to the 1600's around an old Marketplatz.  


This appears to be a real tourist mecca with the town split into twin villages on both sides of the river.  And we find flower-filled parks everywhere.

Sightseeing we find the fountain in front of the town hall.  During the September wine festival, the St. Michael's Fountain flows with wine.  How perfect!  


By chance, ever watchful shoppers, Susan and I notice a jewelry store in the Marketplatz advertising Troll Beads.   We can't resist.

Turns out Troll Beads are a brand made in Europe and are much like the Pandora bracelet beads we see at home.  Instead of their one bead with a troll, we chose a bead with grapes...really more fitting for this trip.


Driving up to the castle, we hike to a terrific view of the river, as well.




We get a bite at the castle and take in the view above the river before heading back.  

Back at S.A. Prüm, it's time for an afternoon tour of the wine cellar and a private wine tasting.  

Saskia Pruem, a third generation vintner from the family, explains the unique conditions that make Mosel Reisling special.  They have many vineyards in the surrounding area and fill over 140,000 bottles each year.

It may not be proper wine etiquette, but YUM!  Some are shipped to the US, but not all of our favorites.  We like the dry (trocken) Riesling. Unfortunately, most distributors ask for the sweeter wines so it may be a challenge to find our favorites in the States.


Ms. Pruem takes us on a tour of the wine cellar. Although they use modern technology to monitor the fermentation...


Some parts of the cellar show its true age.

This group does not miss a meal when we travel, but we love local input. Following our host's suggestion, we headback to town.


To Culinarius, a little outside restaurant, favored by the locals.  It is outstanding food in a little corner of a back street.  We probably walked right past it yesterday!


A perfect end to a really fun day.  Tomorrow we leave for the ancient Roman ruins at Trier before heading for Belgium.



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