Welcome to Seith: On The Road. These are trips and photos from around the US and the world.  Some places are unique, like South Georgia Island in the Scotia Sea.  Others are just gorgeous places I hope you enjoy, like Canyonlands National Park in the American Southwest.  As you join me on these adventures, I'd love to hear from you, so let me know what you think.





Day 17- Cuverville Island, the Gerlache Straight and Port Charcot

October 03, 2013
We start our day at the Gentoo penguin colony on Cuverville Island, about 123 miles from Deception. From the boat the landing is splotched with pink--telltale penguin sig...
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Day 16 Deception Island-an Active Volcano Caldera

October 01, 2013
Today we head to Deception Island. This is an amazing place, a caldera--a "bowl" of collapsed land after a volcanic eruption. In fact, this is one of the few active volca...
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Day 15 - King George Island and Antarctica Landfall at Esperanza

September 26, 2013
Today we hit heavy fog at sea as we head for continental Antarctica. Oh, yea, there are many ice bergs floating around. Even with all the modern sonar doo-dads, it's slow...
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Day 14--Point Lookout, Elephant Island

September 25, 2013
We pass snow-covered Elephant Island on the way to our Point Lookout landing. Elephant Island lies just below 60 degrees south. Per an old sailor's adage: Below 50 degree...
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Days 11-13 To Elephant Island, Point Wild

September 08, 2013
Heading to Elephant Island, we cross 60, south on Day 11 and officially enter Antarctica. We hit some rough seas on the way. It could be much worse, but it's still exciti...
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Day 10- St. Andrews Bay and Gold Harbour

September 03, 2013
We take the zodiacs in to our landing at St. Andrews Bay. We're excited to be here--it's the largest King Penguin colony on South Georgia. That means over 150 million bir...
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Day 9- Godthal Harbour and Grytviken, South Georgia Island

September 01, 2013
We start our day at Godthul, named for a Norwegian word for "good harbor." This was a busy whaling station and whale bones remain scattered all over. This little fur seal...
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Day 8- Fortuna Bay: Baby Fur Seals, Reindeer and King Penguins, Oh My!

August 29, 2013
Our next stop was a landing (of course, bright and early) at Fortuna Bay. This was Shackleton's final landing but not the end of his self-rescue. Knowing they did not hav...
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Day 7- Drygalsky Fjord and Cooper Bay

August 04, 2013
We awake this morning passing through the forbidding cliffs of Dryglasky Fjord. These basalt lava formations formed on the sea floor during the Cretaceous period, oh abou...
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Days 6 -Arrival at South Georgia-Haakon Bay

June 30, 2013
Crossing the Scotia Sea, we have two days of lectures from some of our expert geologists--Ian Dalziel, Rob Dunbar, and best of all, Richard Alley. Alley's name may be fam...
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