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Created 8-May-13
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The Opportunistic Golden Jackal Hides in the Grasslands, Ndutu, TanzaniaWarthog at Waterhole- Mt Kenya HighlandsFruit Bats at Lake Manyara Lodge- TanzaniaDwarf Mongoose-Ngorongoro Conseration Area, TanzaniaGenet "Cats"-Visit the Dining Area of the Ndutu Lodge, TanzaniaAfrican Chameleon in a Giant Euphorbia- Ndutu, TanzaniaBlack-backed Jackal in the Grasslands-Ndutu, TanzaniaA shy Bat-eared Fox suns itself in the early morning -Ndutu, TanzaniaHoneycomb in the Open Branches of an Acacia Tree-Ndutu, TanzaniaHyena Lurking at the Buffalo Kill-Ndutu, TanzaniaSpotted Hyenas stalk the Cape Buffalo Carcas, Ndutu, TanzaniaLeaf-wing Bats Sleep under an Overhang at Ndutu Lodge, TanzaniaCape Buffalo decorated with a yellow-billed Oxpecker grazes with herd on the Tanzania MaraCrocodiles Wait for the Migrating Herds on the Mara River, TanzaniaWhistling Thorn Acacia Hosts the Protective Cocktail Ants on the Serengeti-TanzaniaWarthog on the Grasslands of Ndutu, Tanzania's SerengetiAfrican Wild Dogs in Tarangire National Park, TanzaniaAfrican Wild Dog Crosses between Safari Vehicle in Tarangire National Park, TanzaniaAfrican Wild Dogs in the Brush at Tarangire National ParkAn African Rock Python Rests in a Tree High above the Road in Tarangire National Park

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