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Created 2-May-13
12 photos

Ndutu CheetahCheetah brothers-NdutuCheetah Brothers Grooming  in NdutuCheetah camaflaged in Ndutu grasslandCheetah in Ndutu4 Cheetah Hits Her Stride at 60 mph and Leaves Dust on the Open Plains of Ngorongoro Crater as She Closes in on a Thompson's GazelleCheetah cub sits at the top of a kopje on the Maasai Mara-TanzaniaMother and one baby cheetah hide in brush at the top of a kopje on the Tanzania Mara.  But a curious brother boldly slips out to confront usCheetah Mother Is Flanked by Her Cubs as She Looks over the Mara Triangle Savanna in KenyaCheetah Cubs in the Early Morning Light in the Mara Triangle, KenyaCheetah Mother and Cub in Mata Triangle Plains, KenyaCheetah Hunting for prey to feed her four cubs on the Mara Triangle savanna.

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