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Created 2-May-13
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Lion in SamburuLion Cubs in SamburuEast Africa Safari, Ndutu giraffe klill, Ndutu, TanzaniaMale Lion at Ndutu Giraffe KillLion Cub Rests after Giraffe KillLion Cubs perched in a Tree on the SerengetiLion Cub Sleeps on a Tree Branch in the Serengeti plains-TanzaniaLeopard Asleep in a Sausage Tree in a Mara riverbed, TanzaniaLion pair silhouetted at dawn on a hilltop in the northern Serengeti near Lobo Lodge.Lion Cubs Playing on a Fallen Tree on the Mara-TanzaniaAn Elusive Leopard Sits in a Vantage Point High on a Tree Branch-Serengeti, TanzaniaBlack-Maned Male Lion in Ngorongoro CraterMale Lion Rolling on His Back in NgorongoroLion Cubs with Full Bellies Stare Back at a Zebra Kill in Ngorongoro Crater, TanzaniaWhere's Waldo-Find Four Lions Stalking Wildebeest on the Maasai Mara in KenyaA Maasai Mara Male Lion Emerges from the Brush in Front of Our Car--Covered in Blood from a Fresh Kill in Kenya.Maasai Mara Lion with Zebra Kill in the BushLion Moving a Zebra Kill Away from the Road Filled with Safari Cars- Maasai Mara, KenyaLioness Yawns as She Wakes Up When Pride Begins to Stir before The Cape Buffalo Hunt- Ndutu, Tanzania

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