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Created 2-May-13
12 photos

White Rhinos at Lake NakuruBrowsing White RhinoWhite Rhino at Lake Nakuru, KenyaBlack Rhino at Lake NakuruWhite Rhino grazing at Lake NakuruMale Hippo Has Submerged Female while Mating in a River Pool in the SerengetiMale Hippos Fight over a Female in a Serengeti River Pool, TanzaniaMale Hippo Displaying Dominance after a Fight over a Female in TanzaniaCrying Rhino Adorned with Yelloiw-billed Oxpeckers- TanzaniaHippo on the Serengeti-TanzaniaHippo and white-necked cormorants share pool  in Lake Manyara, Lake Manyara National Park, TanzaniaRare Black Rhino As We Leave the Mara Triangle, Kenya

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